Scomot is here to make your global business operations easier.


Our mission is to open opportunities for manufacturers and brand owners which have big aspirations. We are your hidden weapon, your special formula, your secret ingredient, helping you fulfil your ambition, because insight creates confidence. 

Market development, international trade, and BPO services

Leverage on Scomot’s expertise in optimizing supply value chains in the wellness and beauty industry.

Build your success with Scomot

  • 500+ cross-border B2B deals
  • 300+ manufacturers and brand owners in South Korea
  • 48+ distributors in APAC, EMEA, and NA regions

What We Do

  1. Eliminate unnecessary supply procedures
  2. Save logistics costs
  3. Manage lead times
  4. Minimize potential risks in your importation and exportation processes.
    = Boost sold units and profits

Scomot builds seamless sales pipelines for

Big box retailers

Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and Olive Young,

Online based wholesale marketplace

Faire, Creoate, Orderchamp, Ankorstore, and Domeggook.

Scomot helps you fulfill import regulations

We have worked with import regulations for thousands of skincare, haircare, makeup, food & nutrition, medicinal, and wellness product SKUs in South Korea and Singapore.

  • United States: FDA
  • European Union: CPNP/EFSA
  • United Kingdom: SCPN/FSA
  • China: NMPA/CIFER
  • Japan: PMDA

Scomot helps you maximize brand performance

We have protected for business' trademarks/patents applied for or registered in major IP offices such as USPTO, EUIPO, UKIPO, CNIPA, and JPO.

  • Trademark squatting
  • Counterfeiting
  • Copyright infringement
  • Gray Market Selling

Pricing intelligence software (SaaS & API)

Scomot is revolutionising the SaaS landscape for manufacturers and brand owners by simplifying global online business operations through a perfect blend of AI and human intelligence, backed by rigorous mathematical models. We offer unparalleled transparency and reliable insights to empower your decision-making.

SPA is a pricing simulation software that can predict sophisticated profit ranges of domestic and cross-border, even without global business experience.

Our pricing intelligence software is separated into three key features served to cater for a variety of users like CPA, data analyst, decision maker, and business development team member.


  • Built-in Formula and Visualizer
    Scomot’s built-in Pricing Modules maximises your operating profit by reducing COGS, SG&A.
  • Prediction Engine
    helps sellers make better decisions through accurately generated analytics.
  • Scenario Analytics Dashboard
    provides useful features like 'Report download ', 'Recommend and automate system', and 'Compare scenarios’.

We are your partner.

Scomot - Insight creates confidence.