Our Focus

Scomot offers perhaps the best value proposition in the marketplace, priced at the low - mid end of the segment, whilst combining the most useful aspects of their competitors in one easy to use, easily intergratable platform.

Our Solutions

Scomot’s solutions are separated into three key services which are designed to cater for a variety of users.

Scomot Market Researcher™

Rapid & accurate overseas online market research. Visualise data and create reports with just one click

Scomot offers a more diverse solution, operating in 7 different marketplaces allowing clients to have a much more successful multi-platform approach, creating an appeal across a wider demographic of clientele.

Demo Image of Scomot Market Researcher™

Scomot Pricing Advisor™

Can predict sophisticated profit range, even without overseas sales experience

The combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence is at the core of the business, creating industry leading tools such as a bespoke index and scoring system, estimating the probability of returns, predicting potential losses and helping you find that pricing sweet spot.

Demo Image of Scomot Pricing Advisor™

Scomot Brand Guardian™

Protecting brand and preventing infringement in a highly visible environment

Additional features such as monitoring counterfeiting and additional protection offer the icing on the cake in the competitive landscape.

Demo Image of Scomot Brand Guardian™