Market Feasibility Test with Korean E-commerce Platforms

Scomot is optimising the supply value chain in the wellness & beauty industry with experience in 500+ cross-border B2B deals between 300+ manufacturers and brand owners in South Korea and 48+ distributors in APAC, EMEA, and NA regions. We eliminate unnecessary supply steps, save logistics costs, manage lead times, and control potential risks of import and export process to increase numbers of sold units and profits. And we help to make building the sales pipelines not only big box retailers such as Olive Young.

Why Choose This Service:

  • Expertise in the Korean e-commerce market
  • Tailored insights for your specific product
  • Actionable recommendations to improve your chances of success
  • Save time and resources by understanding the market before opening your own store

How it Works:

  1. Data Gathering: Fill a survey form to provide all necessary information, including images
  2. Listing: Actual listing of a product on the e-commerce platform
  3. Follow-up: Feedback and modification of listing


    - 14 days delivery time
    - Listing a product on one of Korean e-commerce marketplace: Naver Smart Store, Coupang, G-market/Auction, 11st
    - 7 days delivery time
    - Shipping handling for sold product
    - This service is only available to businesses that have shipped your products to our warehouse before sold
  3. LOCALIZATION ($200~)
    - 7 days delivery time
    - Localization of images: Price may vary depending on the length of image


Q. Which platforms can I list my product?

A. We currently have seller accounts to major e-commerce platforms in Korea, such as Naver Smart Store, Coupang, G-market, Auction, 11st, Interpark, etc., but if there is any other platform you wish to try, let us know.

Q. Why do I need your market feasibility test?

A. Our market feasibility test helps you understand the potential success of your product in the Korean market, saving time and resources as you do not have to open your shop, but just list a product in an existing shop.

Q. What information do you need from me?

A. We will be asking you to fill a form to provide necessary information to list a product after you purchase our service.