Scomot is revolutionizing the SaaS landscape for manufacturers and brand owners by simplifying online business operations through a perfect blend of AI and human intelligence, backed by rigorous mathematical models. We offer unparalleled transparency and reliable insights to empower your decision-making.

We are Scomot, the SaaS company here to help make running your online business easier. Our focus is providing the most transparent and reliable insight possible, harmonising the perfect balance between Artificial and Human Intelligence.

Scomot is a company born out of necessity - we needed an ally who would level up along side us, and help to realise our potential by understanding the real world complications with managing an online business. We took all of our needs, the menial every day tasks involved in running and online business, and put them all together in an easy to use platform, so you can focus on the things that really matter - growing your business.

We see how the world is changing, how modern businesses no longer have the same needs as before. People need all the the data available to make the best, most informed, confident decisions possible. And we believe all of this should be available at a touch, with one, easy to use, easy to understand, easily integratable platform.

We are your partner.

Scomot - Insight creates confidence.